Health Insurance

Health InsuranceIn this age of soaring healthcare costs and changing federal and state regulations, be sure you are providing your employees with the best health benefits for the money.


To help you effectively manage your benefits program, Statland & Katz will perform a comparative analysis to identify the coverage most needed by your employees -- and most in line with your budget. With the resources and offerings of the most respected insurance carriers in the country, Statland & Katz will work with you to analyze current group coverage, negotiate renewal programs and investigate alternative plan design and benefits structures and select the best programs for your firm and  employees.


A Statland & Katz success story:
For a 26-employee technology firm, Statland & Katz created a flexible health insurance plan to meet the needs of staff, regardless of their age or family situations. The agency also produces a newsletter for the staff to keep them informed of ongoing changes and improvements to their health plan.

Joseph W. McMartin Insurance Company

“…the amount of insurance people purchase reflects much less the results of their shopping around than the extent to which they trust their agent.”  Outposts, the WashingtonPost

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