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Statland & Katz offers business owners and managers a full range of cost-effective insurance and risk management solutions designed to help your organization manage risk. From promising start-ups to the region’s most established enterprises, businesses of all kinds depend on us to protect them from financial loss. Whatever your business, you can be certain Statland & Katz can customize a first-rate risk management solution to limit your exposures.


This year, Statland and Katz wrote more small business insurance package policies than any other Erie Insurance Agent in the State of Maryland.


Having the right kind of insurance package for your business organization can mean the difference between ongoing success and bankruptcy. From worker's compensation, to property, to a variety of specialty insurance options, Statland & Katz understands and keeps you informed of the latest coverage product developments to match your changing needs. We’ll work with you to determine the best protection strategies, and deliver the most cost-effective policies.


A Statland & Katz fact: Statland & Katz insures over 700 small businesses in a wide range of fields – and fully 92 percent of our commercial clients remain with us for the lives of their businesses.

Joseph W. McMartin Insurance Company

“I have been a Statland & Katz client for more than ten years and have always found Julie and her team to be service-oriented and responsive to my needs.  They have helped me select appropriate coverage limits, reduce my costs and understand a host of auto insurance issues.  As someone who spends every day focusing on my customers and developing their loyalty, I know I can count on Julie and her team will guide me through a smooth process.“
Robert L. Johnson, Chief Service Officer Sprint-Nextel

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