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How to prepare for your home for Winter Freeze Frozen Pipes

Winter weather can cause water pipes to freeze and burst if you haven’t prepared them for the cold temperatures. A frozen pipe that bursts can quickly flood your house and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Prepare for a Freeze

Make sure you know where your home’s shut-off valve is and how to turn it on and off. If you leave town or will be gone during a freeze, consider turning your water off at the shut-off valve and draining your pipes. If you’re unsure how to drain your pipes, call a plumber. Call your electric or gas utility company to ask how to protect your water heater.

Inside Your House

  • Open the cabinets under the sinks in your kitchen and bathrooms to allow heated air to circulate around the water pipes.    >>> Read More >>>


Outside Your House

  • Protect faucets, outdoor pipes, and pipes in unheated areas by wrapping them with rags, newspapers, trash bags, plastic foam, or covers designed to protect outdoor faucets from freezing.  
     >>> Read More >>>

What to Do if Your Pipes Freeze

  • If a frozen pipe bursts and floods your home, turn the water off at the shut-off valve. Call a plumber for help if you can’t reach the shut-off valve or stop the leak. Don’t turn the water back on until the pipe has been repaired.   >>> Read More >>>

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